Just For Now: Kids and the People of the Court
Published by Child Advocates, Inc. of Houston, TX, April 2007

"What is CPS? What's a court appointed special advocate? What is a judge? Why do I need a lawyer? What's a foster parent? How long will I be here? When can I go home? Will I have to go to court? Is Mom in trouble?"

Just For Now: Kids and the People of the Court answers all these questions and more in an entertaining story about an unforgettable group of foster kids who befriend each other and an abandoned stray named Spud. With the help of their court appointed special advocate, they meet the different people of the court. In the process, they learn that all those distant and sometimes scary strangers are really and truly dedicated to finding the happiest possible ending to every child's story.

  • Available in English and in Spanish
  • Hardcover, 48 pages, 6-color illustration
  • For children 6-12
  • Includes a children’s glossary of legal terms and court processes
  • Free online User’s Guide
  • Written by Kimberly Morris with the staff and volunteers of
    Child Advocates, Inc.
  • Creative direction and custom publishing services by Publishing Matters
  • Spanish translation by Julia Mercedes Castilla
  • Illustrations by Tony Sansevero
  • Published by Child Advocates, Inc. April 2007
  • Available for purchase from Child Advocates, Inc. at
  • $16.95 plus shipping and handling if applicable
  • All profits benefit Child Advocates, Inc.
  • ISBN English 978-0-9754953-9-1
  • ISBN Spanish 978-0-9754953-7-7


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